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Synchrolog debugs the debugging process


Software developers typically have to solve many problems with very little information. They spend almost half of their time debugging web applications, trying to find out the what, who, how, when and where of errors. Typical error monitoring tools don’t provide the context needed to fix errors properly. Synchrolog provides this context.

Synchrolog is a full-stack error tracker for web applications that reduces the amount of time and resources developers spend on searching, finding, understanding and fixing errors. It offers a full view of the inner workings of web applications with readily available information that enables developers to respond quickly and solve errors with unmatched precision.

How it works

Synchrolog provides full context for errors by collecting data from three sources: user sessions, server logs and error stack traces.

  1. Recordings of user sessions allow developers to see what a user was viewing, clicking on and interacting with before, during and after an error.
  2. Session scoped web server logs direct developers to inspect only the web server logs that are relevant to the issue.
  3. Detailed error information enables developers to examine the error stack trace along with the additional error details. This feature allows them to see the exact lines of code where errors occur and a detailed description and backtrace, along with additional data that improves the diagnosis and debugging process.

Using all of this information, developers are able to replay the session that triggered error and diagnose and fix the problem.

Target market and competitive edge

Synchrolog is targeting web-based small and mid-size startups and web development agencies—a $300 million market. These companies usually have limited resources and aggressive time constraints, and they’re continuously deploying new features, increasing the probability of bugs.

There are other error-tracking companies out there, but Synchrolog has a significant competitive advantage. It’s the first company in the market that in addition to traditional error tracking also tracks user web sessions and webserver logs. Some companies provide standalone services that store and manage server logs or record user sessions, but they don’t do both, forcing developers to pay for several individual subscriptions and correlate the combined data on their own.

Geographically challenged

Synchrolog’s greatest challenge as a Puerto Rican startup is that most of its potential customers, tech startups in particular, are not local. As a result, the company has to reach out to established tech hubs on the U.S. mainland and other countries.


Rising Entrepreneurs Program Experience

Through Bravo Family Foundation’s Rising Entrepreneurs Program, the Synchrolog team hoped to connect with tech industry experts who could help steer the startup in the right direction and facilitate meeting potential clients. Being in Mayagüez for the program also gave Synchrolog a chance to recruit talent from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, and support other local aspiring entrepreneurs.

Synchrolog was impressed with the Thoma Bravo mentors and the group of talented entrepreneurs who participated in the program. «They all have a unique story and experiences that have helped them become who they are today,» said Synchrolog founder Roberto Rivera. «Having the opportunity to interact with fellow participants allowed us to learn from their accomplishments and their mistakes about what works and what doesn’t work, helping us make better decisions.»

The program curriculum focused on profitable growth was especially enlightening, Rivera said.

«It helped me to deeply analyze my business and make the necessary adjustments to move Synchrolog toward profitable growth.»

Synchrolog founder, Roberto Rivera

Highly recommended

Rivera strongly recommends the program to other entrepreneurs. «It provides the tools and connections you need to take your startup to the next level in a healthy, sustainable way,» he said, noting that these meaningful connections would be very difficult to make otherwise. «Having a direct, open line of communication with a Thoma Bravo mentor who is an expert in my industry helped me make educated decisions for my business.»

Thanks to the program, Synchrolog has been able to increase the value it offers its customers. «We identified new needs in the market and came up with innovative solutions on which we can capitalize to have a successful launch,» Rivera said. One of Synchrolog’s new offerings is a «clips» feature that facilitates communication between quality assurance staff and software developers, making it easier for workers that are not tech savvy to report errors in a simple and efficient way.

In five years, Rivera sees himself running a successful tech company and passing on what he has learned to other entrepreneurs and software developers.

«I’m an entrepreneur because I love to work on things that I’m passionate about, and I want to solve problems, especially those no one has been able to solve,» he said. «I’m a proactive person, so I can’t wait for others to fix my problems.»