Opportunity for Puerto Rico’s Rising Entrepreneurs

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How will the program create impact?

Increasing the number of people in Puerto Rico who start a viable and successful business as a result of participating in Bravo’s Rising Entrepreneurs Program.

  • Inspiration and Mentorship

    A collaborative learning environment with direct access to high quality, motivated mentors available to you.

  • Solid Business Know-How

    In depth operational know-how and financial skills to show you how to build and run a successful business.

  • Opportunity and Access

    A network of worldwide experts in a diversity of areas who are accessible for guidance on your specific questions.

  • Ongoing Support

    An opportunity to develop relationships with people who will continue to sustain your development toward success.


Access & Opportunity

One of the most exciting aspects of our approach is that the Founder and volunteers from Thoma Bravo will work with the Bravo Family Foundation to help us provide access to a global network of investors, companies and senior executives in the business, technology and software industries.


Thoma Bravo is one of the largest private equity firms in the world, managing funds with over $30 billion of capital commitments. The firm specializes in acquiring and improving large and medium sized software and technology companies. Over the past 15 years, the firm and its portfolio companies have acquired over 200 software and technology businesses representing approximately $50 billion of value. Thoma Bravo’s investment approach is centered around achieving operational excellence at its portfolio companies through implementing best in class operating metrics and business processes.

We Aim To Provide:
  • A top quality education experience, principles & set of tools
  • A learning and collaborative space for entrepreneurs
  • Access to expert connections matching to individual needs
  • An opportunity for all entrepreneur teams to be ready to launch

“Puerto Rico is historically known for graduating exceptional tech and engineering talent. However, top candidates consistently find attractive job opportunities abroad, and not locally. Few entrepreneurs remain on the island, where they confront limited resources, lack of incentives and scant financial support.

We want to create an environment that provides knowledge, access and capital to help leaders start tech businesses in Puerto Rico that thrive and improve economic conditions for their family, community and the people of Puerto Rico.”

Orlando Bravo Thoma Bravo, Managing Partner
Our Program Model

The Rising Entrepreneurs Program (REP) will focus on backing startups in early to mid-stage product development.

Our model is dedicated to providing small cohorts with a deep immersion experience to learn skills and solve primary challenges. Main topics will include achieving a marketable product, building a sales pipeline, creating clear operations systems, using target marketing, and establishing and growing a solid customer base.

Bravo Family Foundation will invite annual applications. Those that demonstrate a high match to REP criteria will be reviewed by an independent Selection Committee in charge of selecting the top 8-10 Founders/Teams. Each team will be awarded a $25,000 one-time seed grant to cover living expenses and relocation to Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Founders and Teams will have access to Bravo’s office hub, outfitted to support learning, collaboration and success, during the duration of the Program.

Our Mentors

Different types of mentors will be involved at a variety of stages and levels. Volunteer mentors from the Thoma Bravo network will share their expertise, offering deep dives into the main topics of our 12-week curriculum. Thoma Bravo’s past and current portfolio companies represent many of the leading software companies in application vertical markets, infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Highly accomplished members of the local tech and business community and well-established entrepreneurs, based in Puerto Rico and abroad, will be available after the intensive 12-week training to support teams with specific issues and questions. Individual consultations will be accessible to Founders as they launch their business, matching individual needs to expert mentors. These exchanges will be overseen and coordinated by the Bravo Family Foundation Managing Director and team for the Rising Entrepreneurs Program.

  • Technical expertise or ability to recruit and work with technical talent to execute
  • Born in Puerto Rico or have strong Puerto Rican heritage
  • Already have a core team and concept to take to market
  • Committed to Mayagüez, West Coast area and to Puerto Rico
  • Preferred tech verticals: SaaS, AI, IoT, Consumer, E-commerce
  • Bilingual
  • You have developed an expertise that can lead to a successful product or service, or you have a product or service ready to take to market.
  • You are a self-motivated individual who works well in collaboration with others.
  • You have some solid business skills, or you and members of your team are committed to learning how to run a successful business.
  • Practical Applicability of the Business: Is the idea achievable? Is it well thought-out? Can it generate revenue?
  • Program Fit: Can Bravo’s REP add unique value to the applicant?
  • Impact on the Community: How does the proposed project serve or impact the local community? Which communities will benefit?
  • Management’s ability to execute: Can the people on the team build a business? What skills are already present for execution? What will the group need to launch?
  • Commitment to the Ecosystem: When the group has successfully completed the program, will it be a thoughtful alumnus? Are people committed to “giving back”?



The ONLINE APPLICATION process will be open in Fall 2019

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