Exceptional Community Leaders Program


How The Program Will Create Impact

Increasing the number of youth in Puerto Rico who are running successful service-culture ventures as a result of participating in Bravo's Exceptional Leaders Program.

  • Signature Programs

    A collaborative process with each organization’s leader to identify highly promising programs and further improve their offer.

  • Operational Capacity

    Access to experts who provide technical, systems, financial and legal know-how, extending the organization’s effective operation.

  • Youth Skills

    An opportunity to learn lifelong skills around the fundamental elements of communications, business and community service.

  • Unique Experiences

    Tailored support to create and sustain service-cultural ventures.


What Makes Our Program Unique

Our model provides access to specialized facilitators who support each organization in a structured way through initial planning, execution and evaluation.

  • Content Facilitators: increase program capacity and conceptualize new service offers. They also offer continuous access to tailored learning opportunities and the resources necessary to create sustainable ventures.
  • Technical Facilitators: collaborate with leaders to improve financial and operational systems, set up effective internal management processes, clarify legal frameworks and increase the overall ability of teams to run a successful organization.
This program is by invitation only. Bravo does not accept unsolicited proposals.

For groups interested in visiting the Exceptional Community Leaders sites, please fill out the form with your contact information.

Students wishing to complete service-credit, organizations interested in meaningful team experiences, and other groups from Puerto Rico or abroad are welcome to sign up to receive more information.