The Rising Enterpreneurs Program closed last Friday, December 6th. Thank you for those whom applied. In 2020 a new cycle will open.

We believe in the promise of young people


The change we seek

Our commitment is to reach underserved communities, individuals and groups who face limited access to high quality learning opportunities, know-how and financial support.

The Foundation is launching its programs in and outside of the larger San Juan metropolitan area of Puerto Rico, in selected towns and communities, where strong management and leadership are willing to engage and grow along with us, for the long run, to achieve a shared set of goals.


Our approach is tactical and on-the-ground

The Bravo Family Foundation (Bravo) believes in the promise of young people who demonstrate commitment and talent, but who may not have access to the learning experiences and networks necessary to realize their potential.

We believe in raising individual capacity and attainment, increasing opportunities to channel entrepreneurial energy and giving back. At the local level, Bravo partners directly with entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, universities, and grassroots groups to identify and support selected cohorts of young people to participate in our programs.

Our aspiration is to develop their talents, support them in reaching their academic and business goals, provide them with opportunities to strengthen local communities, and steer them to national and international forums where they can demonstrate and expand their capacities and skills.

Ultimately, Bravo Family Foundation seeks to support thoughtful, action oriented individuals to be leaders and role models who, in turn, will foster Bravo’s mission of social equality and economic opportunity.


How We Work

Bravo Family Foundation will collaborate closely with founder Orlando Bravo and with volunteers from private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo to support the success of Bravo’s philanthropic programs.

Thoma Bravo is one of the largest private equity firms in the world, managing funds with over $30 billion of capital commitments. The firm specializes in acquiring and improving large and medium sized software and technology companies. Over the past 15 years, the firm and its portfolio companies have acquired over 200 software and technology businesses representing approximately $50 billion of value. Thoma Bravo’s investment approach is centered around achieving operational excellence at its portfolio companies through implementing best in class operating metrics and business processes.

The Bravo Family Foundation will adapt key management principles and processes developed by Thoma Bravo in supporting its portfolio companies to guide entrepreneurs participating in our programs through the process of launching and growing their businesses.


The Bravo Family Foundation was formed after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017

Days after the hurricane, Bravo’s leaders were contacted by communities asking for help. The problems facing the island ran everywhere from storm shelters running out of food and water, to entire communities desperately in need of safe drinking water, to hospitals running out of basic supplies. The Foundation quickly assembled a team and developed a supply chain from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico, setting up air and sea cargo operations. This effort was called Podemos Puerto Rico. Three days after Hurricane Maria we were serving disadvantaged communities across the island, and our team continued heading the “Podemos” efforts a year after the hurricane.