Our Vision

Build a more inclusive, prosperous society and economy for Puerto Rico.

Our mission

Foster principles of social justice in Puerto Rico by empowering youths and leaders of under-served communities to have equal access to personal and economic advancement opportunities. We do this by developing community leadershippurpose-driven technology, entrepreneurship and innovative ventures.

Our Commitment

The change we seek

The foundation is committed to reaching underserved communities, individuals and groups who face limited access to high-quality learning opportunities, know-how and financial support. We have launched our programs inside and outside the San Juan metro, in selected towns and communities where strong management and leadership are willing to engage and grow along with us to achieve shared goals.

Our Approach

How we do it

We partner directly with entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, universities and grassroots groups to identify and support selected cohorts of young people to participate in our programs.

Bravo’s programs are designed to develop their talents, help them reach their academic and business goals, provide them with opportunities to strengthen local communities, and steer them to national and international forums where they can demonstrate and expand their skills.

Our Edge

Why we’re different

The Bravo Family Foundation collaborates closely with founder Orlando Bravo and volunteers from one of the largest software investors in the world THOMA BRAVO to support the success of the foundation’s philanthropic programs. The foundation adapts key management principles and processes developed by Thoma Bravo to guide young entrepreneurs through the process of launching and growing their businesses.

Our History

After the storm

The Bravo Family Foundation was formed after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017. Bravo’s leaders were contacted by communities asking for help. Shelters needed food and water. Hospitals were running out of supplies. Roads littered with storm debris blocked transportation to and from the metro area. The foundation quickly assembled a team and set up a supply chain from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico, establishing air and sea cargo operations. This effort was called Podemos Puerto Rico. Three days after Hurricane Maria, the team was serving disadvantaged communities throughout the island.