Build a more inclusive, prosperous society and economy for Puerto Rico.

Foster principles of social justice in Puerto Rico by empowering youths and leaders of under-served communities to have equal access to personal and economic advancement opportunities. We do this by developing community leadership, purpose-driven technology, entrepreneurship and innovative ventures.

The Foundation provides

for youths of all socioeconomic backgrounds to channel their entrepreneurial energy and leadership abilities.

Our programs
help them

achieve personal and professional growth and encourage them to become leaders and role models who will foster Bravo’s mission of social justice and economic development.

Our programs


The program promotes business creation by providing the skills, experience, mentorship and financial back-up recent graduates and young professionals need to build and sustain prosperous entrepreneurial ventures.

Community Leaders

This program focuses on rural, high-risk areas in Puerto Rico where grassroots leaders are making a difference with young people. The Foundation partners with selected organizations to strengthen operations and develop service-cultural venues.

Young Entrepreneurs

This program provides high school students in Puerto Rico with the tools, knowledge, skills, coaching, opportunities, and experiences to discover their full potential and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset that will last a lifetime.

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs - Bravo Family Foundation

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