This is an exciting opportunity

To help innovative businesses in early stages get their products to market through an eight-week program.

What we look for in applicants:

  • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE or ability to recruit and work with technical talent
  • BORN IN PUERTO RICO or have strong Puerto Rican heritage
  • ALREADY HAVE A CORE TEAM and concept to take to market
    SaaS, AI, IoT, consumer, e-commerce

The program might be a good fit for you if:

You have developed an expertise that can lead to a successful product or service or you have a product or service ready to take to market.

You are a self-motivated individual who works well in collaboration with others.

You have some solid business skills or you and members of your team are committed to learning how to run a successful business.

Interested teams should consider:

Practical applicability of the business:
Is the idea achievable? Is it well thought-out? Can it generate revenue?

Program fit:
Can the Rising Entrepreneurs Program add unique value to the team?

Impact on the community:
How does the proposed project serve or impact the local community? Which communities will benefit?

Management’s ability to execute:
Can the team build a business? What skills does it already have? What does it need in order to launch?

Commitment to the ecosystem:
Is the team committed to giving back to the community after the program?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Applications for Cohort 2 have closed –

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