This is an exciting opportunity

To help innovative businesses in early to mid stages get their products to market or scale sales.

What We Look For in Applicants (Founding Team):

  • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE or ability to recruit and work with technical talent to execute.
  • BORN IN PUERTO RICO or have strong Puerto Rican heritage.
  • ALREADY HAVE A CORE TEAM of a minimum of two founders.
  • COMMITTED TO THE MAYAGÜEZ AREA, West Coast area and to Puerto Rico.
  • BE GROWTH ORIENTED, have as a goal to start exploring ways to scale revenue and grow their business in Puerto Rico and in external markets.
  • COMMITMENT TO THE ECOSYSTEM: When the group has successfully completed the program, will it be a thoughtful alumnus? Are people committed to “giving back” to the community?
  • PURPOSE-DRIVEN to address a common problem.

What We Look For in The Business:

  • Innovative product or service.
  • Preference towards innovation-driven business such as software-based business, Software as a Service, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, E-commerce, Developer Tools, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, FinTech, InsureTech, EdTech, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, among others.
  • Your company has a social impact component embedded in its culture and operations.
  • Already in market or expect to launch to market in 6 months or less.
  • Have validated a market for your product or service through customer discovery and developed a Minimum Viable Product.
  • Practical Applicability of the Business: Have you proved Product-Market-Fit? Does it have potential to scale revenue?
  • Impact on the Community: How does the proposed project serve or impact the local community? Which communities will benefit?
  • Management’s ability to execute: Can the people on the team build a business? What skills are already present for execution? What will the group need to launch or scale sales?

Rep Might be a Good Fit if:

You have developed an expertise that has led to a successful product or service you are currently ready to take to market or scale sales.

You are a self-motivated individual who works well in collaboration with others.

You have some solid business skills, or you and members of your team are committed to learning how to run a successful business.

Do You Have What It Takes?

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